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Skyway Monte Bianco

Skyway Mont Blanc

In Courmayeur, discover the new panoramic cable car Sky Way Monte Bianco. The passengers,all involved in the 8thwonder of the world discovery, were up to Punta Helbronner at 3.462 min only 19 minutes.
Thenew structure, only ten minutes from Residence Le Petit Coeur, offersthe opportunity to “jump” on the Mont Blanc summit, it has beenrealized on thefunicular system “Doppelmayr Italia”. 
The cable cars join PuntaHelbronner on a new way, replacing the three old ones. Glass and steel are thepredominant materials in the structure, with huge panoramic areas inthe stations as well as in the rotating cable cars characterized bybig glass walls and a round shape. 
Theproject is based on the willingness of stupefying the customers usingboth technology and the natural Mont Blanc landscape. The cabins areequipped with a rotating system which allows the passengers to enjoythe 360°C panoramic view  on all the underlying zones. At 3.452 m,on Punta Helbronner, a circular 14 m diameter platform has beenbuilt in order to delight the customers with the breath-taking viewon the Vallée Blanche. The structure will host a show room,restaurants, a pub and a museum. 
For more informations on rate and booking tickets : www.montebianco.com


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Funivia Sky Way Monte Bianco


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