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Sant'Orso's Handicraft Fair

30-31 January: thousand-year old Sant'Orso's Fair

Each year one thousand artists and craftsmen from the Aosta Valley exhibit with great pride and satisfaction their wares which may be the fruit of a hobby or professional trade. These exhibits are true works of art, often arising from patient research or by applying new techniques to traditional methods. You will find wood sculpting and carving, items made from soap stone, wrought iron and leather, articles made from "drap" a woollen fabric woven on ancient looms, lace, wickerwork, household objects, wooden ladders and barrels. The Fair also means music, folklore, local food and wine. It is a festive time accompanied by traditional music and dances during the long and renown “veillà” (the night between 30 and 31 January) when the narrow streets are illuminated and revelling continues till dawn.



Summer and Winter mountain holidays in Aosta Valley dedicated to Wellness, Sport and Gastronomy

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Wellness at Pré-St-Didier thermal baths

Courmayeur Mont-blanc the giant of Europe

Courmayeur Mont-blanc the giant of Europe

Winter, sport and outdoor emotions Aosta Valley Courmayeur

Winter, sport and outdoor emotions

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