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The apartments of the Residence Petit Coeur

Come in... and our world is yours

Warmth, coziness, beauty and charm, ... all make a perfect summary in the seven apartments of Residence Le Petit Coeur conceived as a place to relax, for rest and regenerate the mind and the physical.

Equipped with everything you need, each apartment is characterized by warm old wood furnishings with recall of handicrafts, tradition and local language. Each apartment has, in fact, a dialectal name.
Choose the atmosphere in which relax with pleasure : Leunna, Solai, Ehaila, Plodze, Gnolla, Nai, Arcansiel or Rozoou ...

› La Rozoou
› La Leunna
› Lo Solai
› L'Éhaila

› La Plodze
› La Gnolla
› La Nai
› Arcansiel


Summer and Winter mountain holidays in Aosta Valley dedicated to Wellness, Sport and Gastronomy

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Courmayeur Mont-blanc the giant of Europe

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Winter, sport and outdoor emotions

Residence Le Petit Coeur

Fraz. Chez les Gontier, 312 - Loc. Derby - 11015 La Salle (AO) Aosta Valley - Italy
Phone +39 0165 86 11 51/ +39 334 10 26 394 - Email: info@lepetitcoeur.it
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